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"Slidin', Stompin', Acoustic Blues"

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Blues Blast Magazine USA FEB 2015

"On his previous album Rehab & Camel South Australian left-handed guitarist Mick Kidd was in predominantly acoustic mode. This time around he has changed focus and mixes acoustic tracks with electric, supported on most tracks by drummer DD McGee and harp player David Blight; Mick sings, plays all guitars and bass and Emily Kelly provides backing vocals on one cut. Mick had a hand in all the material here with assistance on three songs.

On the last CD Mick’s voice was mixed a little too low but here he is clear and well suited to the material. The album opens with “What Don’t Kill You (Makes You Stronger)”, a mid-paced rocker with David’s harp to the fore. “Free Wheelin’ Feelin’” finds Mick on acoustic finger-picked guitar with slide as David blows sensitively on this gentle instrumental which he co-wrote, the drums also catching the feel with an understated performance. “When My Old Dog Died” is a co-write with Edward (not Elmore!) James, a duo performance with Mick on acoustic and David’s harp keening like a sad dog, Mick’s voice expressing the loss of an old friend. “Voice Inside” brings back the drums on a down-home piece about drinking and relationships. There are not many blues songs about heritage railway lines but Mick has written one in “Duke 621”, singing about a vintage steam train in Australia: “journey back in time on the oldest broad gauge line to a place in time when mighty locos run”. This one is a full production with backing vocals from Emily, buzzing harp from David and steady drumming from DD, Mick again on acoustic and bass.

“Loanshark Blues” was the title of a Rory Gallacher tune but this one is Mick’s, mining a similar vein to Rory in a catchy tune with Mick on electric rhythm and a tasty solo. “Sights Set On You” is another catchy blues while “Sawpit Gully Stomp” is a second instrumental, this time with an Eastern flavour. The tune (and opening verse) of “Tick Tock Blues” bears a strong similarity to Muddy’s “Trouble No More”. The album closes with the solo acoustic “I Just Can’t Hold On”, Mick being joined by co-writer David who adds a plaintive touch on his harp to make this a very effective tune. The addition of drums on some tracks and the quality of David Blight’s harp playing both add to Mick’s guitar and vocals to make a pleasant and interesting album which fans of acoustic and traditional blues will enjoy.

Reviewer John Mitchell is a blues enthusiast based in the UK who enjoys a wide variety of blues and roots music, especially anything in the ‘soul/blues’ category. Favourites include contemporary artists such as Curtis Salgado, Tad Robinson, Albert Castiglia and Doug Deming and classic artists including Bobby Bland, Howling Wolf and the three “Kings”. He gets over to the States as often as he can to see live blues. "

"From the distant Australia, the city Nairne, arrived in my hands the album "Winter Sun", guitarist and singer Mick Kidd. The album Posted on September 1 last year, joined his distinctive harpist David Blight. I have yet to mention the other musicians who have recorded this album, like Emily Kelly (backing vocals in the song "Duke 621") and drummer DD McGee. What's this? The album was realized by the Group and engagement, and Mick Kidd acoustic acting on the music scene Adelaide, where he built an enviable reputation. As elsewhere in the world long and winding road to global recognition. By being persistent and undeniable artistic quality Mick is on the right track. It is not easy to do all I care about music, technical and other support into all that. In Croatia, this musician is definitely not known exactly why I am glad that you can present it and, of course, to promote his work and activities. He truly deserves its quality. On this album he is joined by, as I already mentioned, harpist David Blight, which I also won over by the presentation form. We all know that these possibilities in this musical style quite limited and, if not versatile, if you do not have a wide range of musical skills and ideas, you will not find something to do. Album brings ten songs, in which he feels is Mick's and David's shared commitment to traditional blues. I hope that some of the fans of this music style certainly direct your attention to this album.

Unfortunately, due to technical problems I could not hear the first song "What Do not Kill You (Makes You Stronger)" and it's really my only criticism of the album. Specifically, this elaborate technical side is not well enough, and pictures are quite silent; took the whole album a little boost and in the literal sense of the word. But if that aside and focus toward what the album contains, what will interest many of Mick's is a great interpretation, his determination to this musical style that fills it. Mick's presentation form in some songs go somewhere sharply at first; in the second, but emotionally sings about real life. On the foundations of old blues musicians Mick as it comes directly from the Delta, rather than the Adelaide Hills. And his music and his vocals impressively presented what we love, and there is, of course, and very inspired playing harmonica David, which gives a special touch to the whole album. In the end, the whole album sounds absolutely dynamic, intense and very interesting and really honestly believe that no one can remain immune to this kind of presentation form, it is indeed undeniable!


"Winter Sun" Mick Kidd and David Blight really do a good fit. There is some excessive philosophy: make yourself comfortable, think big and vast expanses of Australia, imagine something beautiful and just enjoy what you hear."- Mladen Loncar, Croatia Sound Guardian.com

"There is always a high level of anticipation when checking the post box for the next CD to review, and this time around it was slidin’ stompin’ acoustic blues artist Mick Kidd and his 10 track CD ‘Winter Sun’, which also features David Blight on harmonica and DD McGee on drums & percussion.

One thing of note with this CD is that the tracks were recorded at various locations across Adelaide; however, with the use of instruments not being excessive, there is a balance and consistency of production that captures the honesty of the music.

From the opening track of “What Don’t Kill You (makes you stronger)’ there were the familiar components that captured my immediate attention… great sliding blues riffs and arrangements, inspiring harmonica accompaniment and driving rhythms.

The clean and deep vocal style of Kidd captures his honest lyrical content and story telling, with topics ranging from old dogs, steam trains, love, mortgages and drinking, to name but a few.  Another track to highlight from the CD is ‘Duke 621’ which Kidd was commissioned to write for a documentary on the Adelaide Hills Steam Ranger being completed later this year.

Overall this is a solid CD and any fans of sliding acoustic blues and harmonica will be bound to find something in ‘Winter Sun.’  My suggestion is to pour yourself a bourbon, get comfy in a rocking chair on the porch with your faithful dog by your side and settle in for a good listen."

- Craig Atkins, Music SA.


2016 Quarter Finalist- International Blues Challenge, Memphis USA with David Blight

2015 Top 3 finalist-Adelaide Blues Album Of The Year for "Winter Sun"

2015 WINNER - Adelaide Roots & Blues Assoc. Inaugural “Memphis Blues Challenge” – solo/ duo category with Dave Blight


  • Derringers Music Awards
  • # WINNER- Outstanding Male Performer

    # WINNER- Outstanding Solo/ Duo (with Dave Blight)

    S.C.A.L.A. – (Songwriters, Composers & Lyricists Association)

    2014 - # Highly Commended – Instrumental Section

    2013 -# Commended – Demo Open

    2012 -# Highly Commended – Lyrics

    #Commended - Studio Open

    2011 - #WINNER- Demo Open

    # Highly Commended – Studio Open

    2010 - #WINNER – Live Section

    #WINNER – Studio Instrumental

    #Commended – Studio Open

    2009 -#Highly Commended – Demo Instrumental

    # Commended – Studio Open


    2005 - # Top 5 Finalist (Blues Category) with “Bluestone”

    2004 - # Top 10 Finalist (Blues Category) with “Bluestone”